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Acoustic recordings coming SOON!

Posted by Scoot Drescher on June 10, 2010 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey kiddos, it's great to see you. Just FYI, I have been spending a bit of time at R.A.W. Studios here in San Antonio and you will be happy to know that the acoustic sessions are coming together nicely! I am estatic with the progress we are making. I really need to thank Alex, Justin and Ron for all their time and patience with me when I can't stop laughing and cutting up! Thanks guys, y'all are making this a helluvan experience.....It's coming SOON,



Scoot's Review of 'Drunk On Crutches' new album via

Posted by Scoot Drescher on March 8, 2010 at 1:57 PM Comments comments (0)

Have you ever decided to listen to new CD, not knowing what to expect? Sure you have. And when the first song starts, you are not only surprised, but ready to hear what’s next? Well, that’s what happened to me when I began listening to Drunk On Crutches’ new release ‘People. Places. Things.’


Even after I was thrown on my ear by the strong guitar intro, I wasn’t ready for the soulful rasp of Georgia native turned Los Angeles songstress Jennifer Whittenburg. The opening track, ‘Tupelo’ sent my mind reeling back to the first time I laid ears on Sheryl Crow’s Tuesday Night Music Club in 1993. Soon after I was knee deep in the next 11 songs, never once thinking about skipping ahead in fear I would miss something. ‘Using Me Up’ slid right into an excellent mix of gritty guitars, a sharp harmonica, blended harmonies and a heart pounding backbeat. Jennifer then came out of nowhere with a guitar and keys driven number entitled ‘One Night Stand.’ From the very first line, “Living with this disposition, it’s hard to keep myself in line,” I found myself feeling she had tapped into my thoughts, or I had been living someone else’s songs.


When I finally thought that there was no way Drunk On Crutches’ songwriting and Jennifer’s sultry voice could possibly be showcased any better, I was awestruck by ‘Oh Well’. A powerful ballad that not only proved me wrong but also was reminiscent of a personal conversation that she is having, with you, her listener and new friend. By the time I was tapping my foot to ‘Apt. 16’, there was no doubt I was all in, and had become a fan.


From ‘California, You’ll Have To Wait’, which made me want to roll down the windows and hit the highway, to a cover of Neil Young’s ‘L.A’, People. Places. Things. left me wanting nothing more than to start the CD over. All the way down to the closing track ‘We Like It’ (and we did), this release couldn’t get any better. There is even a hint of the infamous Whiskeytown , as one of the many special guests is percussionist Curt Bisquera.


So, while reading this and planning your next musical purchase, I would put Drunk On Crutches at the forefront of my list, because who really doesn’t like People. Places.,or Things.


Written by : Kyle “Scoot” Drescher